For over 5 years, LMC EDITING has provided quality editing and proofreading services for many Indie authors, companies and students. Learn more about our services below.

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You Know exactly what you would like to say but saying it in a concise, consistent and grammatically correct way isn’t easy. It is very hard to take a step back and edit your own words, especially when you have read them over and over. 

I will take your words to the next level with my professional copyediting services. I will look at your document from every angle, checking grammar, punctuation, tone, repetitive words, flow, structure, inconsistencies, deviations from style, overall readability, and fact-checking. Methodically analysing your work or books will identify any plot areas that are too slow or confusing.

Two passes made
First with comments and notes and changes visible (track changes with Word and suggest edits with Google Docs)
Second copy is a clean copy with changes made and implemented and comments removed.

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A small error or inconsistency can undermine your work. These mistakes can make you look unprofessional and damage your work. It is very easy for such errors to creep in when you have spent months preparing your document or books. 
With my proofreading service, I give you a final set of eyes prior to publishing to ensure any last mistakes have been located and corrected. I also check for consistent spelling, either British/Australian or American English, along with correct formatting and style.
Two passes made
first sent back for the client to review and make changes.
Second read through done to catch any remaining edits required.
A read through from the point of view of a reader, providing comments about overall readability, big picture, characters, plot holes and any inconsistencies.
One thorough read through and comments provided.

Beta Reading services

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By taking the time and care to ensure the document has been thoroughly edited or proofread and meets the client’s expectations. Honest constructive criticism is provided so that the client can take and utilise in their future writing.

Email would be best. Word or Google Docs preferred (simply for the ability to track changes).

 APA, Harvard, MHRA, MLA OSCOLA, Oxford and Chicago. I can work with any style and will also provide a basic style guide personalised to the client (on consultation with the client with their preferences)

Per word for Proofreading.

Editing price is dependant on the requested service. 

Yes, I can explain how the process works.

No. I have a ‘Services Agreement for Editors and Authors’ to sign.

I work in some capacity 7 days a week. Availability would depend on how many projects I have at the time, but I will try to accommodate your required due dates as best I can.

yes – up to 1000 words depending on document word count.

No, it is all manual, edited and proofread by me.

Yes, for returning clients.

Yes. I will re-edit/proofread until you are happy. If we cannot come to an agreement, I will refund the money. This does not apply to new text added after the edited file has been returned to you, only the original document and changes made.

 I keep my computer password protected. Files are only stored on my computer for the necessary time frame, then deleted immediately. 

Contact Me To Discuss Your Requirements, Request A No Obligation Quote Or To Discuss My Availability.